Sad status for facebook, twitter and instagram

Suresh Gurung
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Sad status for facebook, twitter and instagram

 “The scars show you the strength it took to survive.”

“Sometimes, you have to fall before you can fly.”

“My soul is tired, but my heart still hopes.”

“Drowning in a sea of broken dreams.”

“I’m just a paper heart in a world of stone.”

“Love hurts when it’s real.”

“Holding on to moments that have let go of me.”

“Lost in a world that doesn’t know my pain.”

“Silent screams and broken dreams.”

“Tears are words the heart can’t express.”

“Smiling outside, dying inside.”

“Rainy days match my mood.”

“Beneath the smile, there’s a story you’ll never understand.”

“Fading into the shadows of my own thoughts.”

“Wounds that time can’t heal.”

“In the midst of my grief, I find hope in the knowledge that love endures, transcending even death.”

“Though your absence leaves a void in my life, I find solace in the knowledge that you are at peace.


Lost in my tears

Tired of staying strong

Done with this world

Wandering through shattered dreams

Silent cries behind a smiling facade

Embracing the darkness within me

Heartbreak and healing

Seeking solace in solitude

Invisible scars, silent battles

When words fail, tears speak

Rainy days and soulful thoughts

Every tear has a story to tell

Endless ache

Heavy heart, quiet soul

Broken but still standing

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