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Probiotics and irritable bowel

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Probiotics and irritable bowel

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are “kind bacteria,” living microorganisms found in fermented milk products such as sour milk and yogurt. These bacteria can be a contributor to preventing or treating bowel problems. Intestinal bacteria are supplied to the body through the intake of fermented milk products or probiotics in the form of supplements to improve the balance of the intestinal flora.

In the gut, there are usually more than 500 different bacterial species, located at different sites. Illness, diet, environment or use of a lot of antibiotics can cause the good bacteria to be in the minority, and we get the emergence of the bad bacteria. Such emergence can spread to areas where they should not be at all, and this can lead to a state of inflammation.

Most probiotic bacteria are similar to those found in healthy human intestinal flora. Its purpose is to restore the balance of the intestinal flora and help the body get rid of the unwanted bacteria in the intestine.

Probiotics and IBS

There is more research on IBS, but it is still not clear what is causing this condition. Many may relate that the ailments started with a gastrointestinal infection or antibiotic treatment. As is well known, antibiotics kill many of the gut and the bad bacteria in the gut.

Some people find that probiotics have an effect on stomach problems that result from irritable bowel syndrome.

Recently, medical research databases were reviewed and 19 studies were conducted on probiotics and irritable bowel. One in four felt that probiotics reduced stomach problems. It was not clear which type of probiotic had the best effect. There were no clear results, and professionals want to investigate this further.

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Be careful

The Directorate of Health and the Scientific Committee for Food Safety have conducted a risk assessment of probiotics for children and adults who are seriously ill. Recently published scientific articles show that probiotics can cause negative health effects to people with, for example, Helicobacter pylori infection, inflammatory bowel disease, urogenital infections and patients with increased bacterial growth in the small intestine.

This also applies to seriously ill persons being treated outside hospitals, such as cancer patients and those with impaired immune systems.


People who have irritable bowel syndrome or other chronic stomach problems should be aware of their diet. Many people with IBS have experienced that stomach problems are reduced when they follow a low FODMAP diet. The diet contains carbohydrates that are easy to digest. Learn how to reduce your stomach problems with a low FODMAP diet .


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