The Lonely Gorilla

 The Lonely Gorilla

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This is a animal survival game in the tropical African rain forests and grasslands.

A living, breathing environment.
Advanced AI simulating animal behaviour.
Full climate and weather system.

What do you do in the game?
Explore Rain-forests, grasslands and mountain ranges. Role play as a wild silver-back Gorilla separated from his troop. You must survive the harsh environment finding food, water and shelter.

The ultimate goal is to be reunited with your troop, then protect them against predators and the environment. Can you regain their bonding after the separation? As the alpha male only you can keep the troop together and have the right to mate with the females to produce offspring. If bonding is not high this will not occur, and can even lead to challenges from rival males for troop leader status.

As food resources dwindle, you must lead your troop to new areas while keeping them safe.

How long can you survive?
The game is an indie experience from a small team with a focus on the environment and wildlife. We want to give you a true feeling of this amazing, vastly unexplored area of our planet.

Highly detailed environments.
Full day night cycle and accurate climate system.
Plant growth system.
Danger from poachers.
Threat from predators and rivals.

We hope you will enjoy exploring the beauty of the grasslands, rivers, and rain-forests of Africa. Authentically crafted terrain, vegetation and animals. We would love to hear your feedback on the game, and what you would like to see as we develop towards release.

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 The Lonely Gorilla

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